Things To Do in Lake County California

Things To Do in Clear Lake, CA

Nestled in the heart of Lake County, California, Clear Lake offers an ideal retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This charming town boasts the largest natural freshwater lake in the state, providing a haven for fishing, boating, and water sports! Beyond its aquatic wonders, Clear Lake is home to breathtaking natural beauty, wineries, and plenty of things to do!

Spend Time on the Water
Covering over 68 square miles, Clear Lake is the centerpiece of this picturesque region. Rent a kayak or a pontoon boat to explore its pristine waters, or try your luck fishing for bass, crappie, and catfish. The lake’s calm and serene atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for a leisurely day on the water. Some of our Clear Lake rentals include kayaks and canoes that you can use during your stay!

Explore Anderson Marsh State Historic Park
Located on the southeastern shore of Clear Lake off CA-53, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park is a nature preserve that’s home to many hiking trails! Stroll along the boardwalk through marshes, admire diverse bird species, and take in the scenic views. This park also offers a glimpse into the area’s Native American history, with archaeological sites and educational exhibits. For more information on the park, visit here.

Hike Mount Konocti
For those seeking an outdoor challenge, Mount Konocti is a must-visit destination. This dormant volcano offers various hiking trails of varying difficulty, providing rewarding panoramic views of Clear Lake and its surrounding landscapes. Don’t forget your camera, those views are very Instagram-worthy! Explore hiking info before your visit.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation
Clearlake’s mild climate makes it a year-round destination for outdoor activities. From camping and picnicking in Clear Lake State Park to birdwatching, golfing, and horseback riding, there’s something for everyone. The city also hosts numerous events and festivals, including the renowned Clearlake Oaks-Glenhaven Catfish Derby, offering fun for the whole family.

Indulge In the Local Cuisine
Taste the local flavors of Clear Lake at the local eateries and restaurants nearby. From seafood to farm-to-table delicacies, the area offers a diverse culinary scene! Don’t miss the chance to savor freshly caught fish, locally grown produce, and delicious wines, showcasing the region’s agricultural bounty. Need help deciding? Check out our local recommendations!

No matter what time of year you decide to visit, Clearlake, California, with its stunning lake, breathtaking natural landscapes, and warm community, is a hidden gem worth exploring. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, wine lover, or simply seeking tranquility away from bustling city life, this charming town has something for everyone! Plan your next adventure to Clear Lake, and experience the magic of this remarkable destination in one of our vacation rentals!