May 2024 Newsletter

Rancho Maria Winery and WC Lodging

Exciting news! WC Lodging is now Rancho Maria Winery’s exclusive partner for luxurious accommodations. This collaboration blends hospitality with wine excellence, offering a dynamic synergy. While we regularly host members from renowned wineries such as Jordan, Merriam, and Wilson, this partnership stands out. Our guests will enjoy perks such as discounts on reserve tastings with complimentary charcuterie, reduced rates on private vineyard tastings, in-home tasting experiences with the winemaker, and convenient access to ordering wine for delivery prior to their arrival and throughout their stay.

Collaborations like this aim for excellence, offering a unique value that goes beyond mere guest status to create an experience seamlessly blending the finest in hospitality and wine culture. This exciting partnership, set to be rolled out in May, adds to what makes WC Lodging truly different, ensuring an unforgettable stay for our guests.


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