March 2024 Newsletter

BOOKING.COM’S AI TRIP PLANNER has introduced an AI Trip Planner, designed to streamline travel planning! Simply interact with their knowledgeable assistant to address all your travel needs, whether you’re seeking a serene beach retreat or a cozy family vacation spot.

Accessible through the mobile app, this beta program provides comprehensive visual destination and property lists, complete with real-time pricing information. What’s more, it goes beyond the mainstream, offering suggestions for unique tourist destinations off the beaten path. And rest assured, WC Lodging’s portfolio of houses is seamlessly integrated into their lodging options, ensuring they’re part of the search experience and results. Watch Press Release Video here


VRBO’s AI to pick imagery

Over the next few weeks, you might spot adjustments to your listing’s main image and gallery sequence. VRBO is introducing a new AI feature that prioritizes your topperforming image, with the goal of boosting visibility and engagement. Testing within Expedia Group has shown significant increases in conversion and click-through rates with this update. VRBO’s Photo Tips and Tricks

VRBO to Collect & Pay SoCo TOT

Sonoma County and, Inc. (VRBO) have signed a Voluntary Collection Agreement (VCA) for collecting Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, effective February 1, 2024. Under this agreement, HomeAway will register as a collector and handle reporting, collection, and remittance of TOT for all taxable booking transactions on their platform. HomeAway will act as the registered taxpayer of record on behalf of its hosts. WC Lodging will continue to collect and remit all TOT/BIA on Direct bookings and NextPax integrated booking sites.