July 2024 Newsletter


Last month, we were reminded of Sonoma County’s fire risk as we were thrust into fire season. Our thoughts are with those affected by the Point Fire, and we deeply appreciate the firefighters who worked tirelessly to contain it. Although the Point Fire was largely contained to one area of the county, social media and mainstream media often perpetuated fear and misinformation which led to a greater impact on tourism than the actual fire scars will ever reflect. During a crisis, please assist us in sharing accurate, calm, and factual information to maintain the appeal of our county for visitors and ensure they have a clear understanding of the situation. Sonoma County Tourism has a list of suggested best practices related to messaging during a crisis on their Be Prepared page.

It’s that time again for HVAC inspection and filter changes to ensure optimal performance. We’ll be scheduling this service soon. If you’ve alread taken care of it, please let us know.