July 2022 Newsletter


Charlie Palmer LOVES HBG!


Imagine a prep kitchen that doubles as the hotel front desk, a pantry with local products on each hotel floor, and a cookbook library. Charlie’s latest vision will hopefully shape up to be a go to for locals as well with classes and a rooftop bar! Full Article


If you’ve never been to a Rodeo here’s your chance! The kids will LOVE it and, trust me, it’s an experience! Where: LC Fairgrounds, 801 Martin St Lakeport This is a sanctioned CCPRA Pro Rodeo featuring 7 Pro Events, Barrel Racing & Local Team Roping! When:7/8&7/9 6-9pm

A Good Read


This article written from the perspective of a person who lived through the “Cape Town Water Crisis” is powerful. I’m not one to live in apocalyptical fear, but may we someday be showering in a bucket so we can reuse the water to flush our toilets?! It happened in Cape Town.

WC Lodging, Lodgix & Nextpax


As many of you know I am constantly trying to make the owner, guest and manager experience better. At the core of our system is our current booking software – Lodgix. Although it is functional and reliable, as with all software, it’s proven to have some limitations. I have spent hours researching and vetting other booking software systems to see if a better option is out there and although there are many other options, it has become clear that they all have their limitations. Since trading one set of limitations for another is not the
goal, a new path has been paved. SO, what’s the plan?
Rather than switch systems we are going to expand our use of Lodgix and
make it better: Enter the Lodgix/NextPax relationship. Lodgix now offers integrations with dozens of listing sites through their partnership with NextPax. One of the most exciting of these integrations is their relationship with Booking.com, meaning your properties will soon appear on Booking.com!
A few Booking.com stats:

  • 40% of Vacation Rental managers receive their first booking within 1 week of listing on Booking.com
  • Booking.com has delivered over 1 billion vacation rental guest arrivals and has over 6.4 million alternative accommodation/vacation rental listings.
  • According to Transparent, the more channels your properties are listed on, the more room nights you will have booked per month.

Listings should be live on Booking.com this week followed by Hopper and Google VR!


Don’t be surprised when you receive your permit renewal invoice- Permit Sonoma will be raising permit and other service fees by approximately 9% starting July 1, 2022. Always be aware of your renewal date…Even though the county will send you a renewal invoice via email, their communications often end up in spam, unnoticed. Non-Payment will allow your permit to expire…NEVER LET YOUR PERMIT EXPIRE unless you know you are forever done with using your home as a short term rental…With all of the recent changes and new exclusion zones, once your permit is gone it’s unlikely you will be getting it back.