wine being poured into a glass during crush season

Healdsburg: Sonoma County’s Fall Crush Destination

Harvest season, known as ‘Crush’ among winemakers and locals, is an exciting time in wine country. From August through November in Sonoma County, grapes are finally picked and sent to the wineries to be made into wine. You will often see a truck rumbling by filled to the brim with freshly picked fruit! Sonoma County locals celebrate in many ways, most of which involve drinking and appreciating wines produced by nearby vineyards!

Healdsburg, a quaint but mighty town nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, offers a true celebration of California life during the Crush season. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Healdsburg this fall by exploring the many wineries and tasting rooms tucked among the artisan shops, restaurants, and historic homes! You can also find several gorgeous vacation rentals nestled throughout the picturesque town

With over twenty wineries and tasting rooms on this short 1.5 mile stretch in downtown Healdsburg, there are a lot of options! Check out this selection of the top 12 must-see spots to visit during Crush! We have highlighted three of our favorite ones below!


This is a map of all the local wineries in Sonoma County, CA that participate in crush season.

1. Seghesio Family Vineyards

A Sonoma County legend, Seghesio has been producing wine in Sonoma County since 1895. The family has produced five generations of winemakers, and they gladly share their pride in Healdsburg with anyone who pulls up a chair at their table. Their key word is ‘Family’, and they believe we all have one we’re born into and one that we choose. Taste both family’s proud Italian roots in their Italian-varietal wines such as Barbera, Vermentino, and Sangiovese, and their Sonoma pride in their bold, majestic Zinfandels.

2. Jeff Cohn Cellars

Located just a block from Healdsburg Plaza, Jeff Cohn Cellars pours up amazing wines in the heart of downtown Healdsburg. Their wines are inspired by those made in the legendary wine region in Southern France, the Rhône Valley. Taste world-class wines grown in vineyards right down the road, for a fraction of the price, in their cozy tasting room!

3. Spicy Vines Winery

Spicy Vines is a small, independently-owned winery that challenges serious culture and invites guests to indulge in a new, fun wine experience. From the tasting room’s artwork, to the wine, even to their logo, Spicy Vines offers a distinctively refreshing take on the wine experience. Enjoy seriously fun wines with delicious small bites, and don’t miss their live music series on Saturdays!

These wineries are just a small sample of the Healdsburg Crush Season Wine Tour.

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