December 2023 Newsletter 


The primary threats to homes during a wildfire are embers and small flames. These airborne embers, which are burning wood and vegetation fragments, are the leading cause of home ignition during wildfires. They can travel long distances, causing spot fires and igniting homes and other objects. To protect homes, homeowners can prepare for ember attacks and reduce the risk of flames or surface fires reaching their properties. This preparation involves addressing the condition of the home and its surroundings within a 200-foot radius of the foundation, known as the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ).


California Fair Plan introduces two new discounts for homeowners facing elevated premiums due to wildfire risk. The first discount applies to properties with specified features like enclosed eaves, upgraded windows, and fire-resistant vents. The second discount is for actions reducing risks around the home. These discounts can be applied separately or combined, offering savings for proactive wildfire protection.


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