February 2024 Newsletter 

WC LODGING AND REDFIN​ We are excited to share some fantastic news with you! Redfin has recently reached out to WC Lodging for a collaborative effort on their winter blog article, and we are thrilled to announce that the piece is now published. This incredible collaboration not only showcases our dedication to providing valuable insights […]

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January 2024 Newsletter 

Update to Vrbo’s annual subscription fee Starting on January 15, 2024, your annual subscription will be priced at $699 If you prefer to keep your listing live without a subscription, read more about their Pay Per Booking plan 2024 Booking Site Stats:AIRBNB: 549 46.88%VRBO: 344 29.38%WCLODING: 133 11.36%LODGIX: 78 6.66%MARRIOTT: 32 2.73%BOOKING.COM: 29 2.48%GOT2GO: 2

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December 2023 Newsletter 

DEFENSIBLE SPACE The primary threats to homes during a wildfire are embers and small flames. These airborne embers, which are burning wood and vegetation fragments, are the leading cause of home ignition during wildfires. They can travel long distances, causing spot fires and igniting homes and other objects. To protect homes, homeowners can prepare for

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November 2023 Newsletter

THE PERFECT WEEKEND IN GUERNEVILLE This quaint logging town, home to just under 5000 residents, manages to blend eccentricity and natural beauty seamlessly. Dubbed the jewel of “West County,” it boasts charming coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and art galleries that make it a destination in its own right. Whether you’re passing through or looking for

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October 2023 Newsletter 

VRBO Trends Report Specific events or occassions still driving bookings New York, Las Vegas and London still hold the top destination spots Most popular time to book: 0-60 days out North American Travelers continue to head to Asia and Europe VIEW THE FULL REPORT HERE EXISTING CLIENTS: Please compile your Lighting info & Grant Deed

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September 2023 Newsletter 

2023 YTD Booking Referral Report Clear Lake Splash-InFollowed byThe Taste in Lakeport Bring the family for Lakeport’s annual sea-plane show then stay for The Food and Wine Festival! Local Cuisine & Wine combined with Lake County’s aviation history. Stay the weekend and receive a discount on one of our WC Lodging homes! Sonoma CountyHarvest Fair

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August 2023 Newsletter

A SoCo VR LICENSE IS NOT OPTIONAL ALL STR PERMIT HOLDERS are REQUIRED to have a VR license LICENSE APPLICATION FORMS PJR-001 (must be submitted again) PJR-011 (must be submitted again) PJR-146 Preliminary Lighting Material Ownership Verification-grant deed STEPS TO OBTAIN A COPY OF YOUR GRANT DEED Public Records SearchOrder onlineCall and request: 707-565-3800Email

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July 2023 Newsletter

New Application Process Identify a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER such as WC Lodging Register for a Permits Online Acct Permit Application Forms* PJR-001 PJR-011 PJR-096 Site Plan Floor Plan including exits Proof of Septic capacity (if applicable) Once permit is approved submit TOT application to Planning Applications License Application Forms* PJR-001 (must be submitted again)  PJR-011

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June 2023 Newsletter

FREE SUMMER CONCERTS HEALDSBURG & WINDSOR TUESDAYS @ HBG Plaza5/30-8/29 5-8PM THURSDAYS @ Windsor Town Green6/1-8/31 5-8PM HEALDSBURG JAZZ FESTIVALJUNE 17-25, 2023 GET INFO AND TIX HERE LAKEPORT & CLEAR LAKE FRIDAYS @ Lakeport’s Library Park6/16/23-8/18/23 6:30-10 PM THURSDAYS @ Main St. Kelseyville6/15,7/1,7/20,8/17,9/21 7-10PM SATURDAYS @ Konocti Vista Marina5/27,6/17,6/24,7/2,7/8,7/15,7/22,8/19 6PM Santa Rosa Airport Update With

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May 2023 Newsletter

It’s A Boy! Santa Rosa’s SAFARI WEST welcomes it’s FIRST Southern White Rhino After a 16 month gestation period the long awaited 100lb Rhino arrived at lightning speed! Born to mother Eesha and father Ongava, the birth of this baby boy marks a significant milestone in the conservation of southern white rhinos (a critically endangered

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