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July 2024 Newsletter

WILDFIRE SEASON Last month, we were reminded of Sonoma County’s fire risk as we were thrust into fire season. Our thoughts are with those affected by the Point Fire, and we deeply appreciate the firefighters who worked tirelessly to contain it. Although the Point Fire was largely contained to one area of the county, social […]

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June 2024 Newsletter

CA Assembly Bill 537 Effective July 1, 2024 CA AB537 will prohibit advertising, displaying or offering a rate that does not include all fees or charges required to stay at a shortterm lodging (except taxes and fees imposed by a government on the stay). For example, amongst other things, cleaning fees will now need to

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May 2024 Newsletter

Rancho Maria Winery and WC Lodging Exciting news! WC Lodging is now Rancho Maria Winery’s exclusive partner for luxurious accommodations. This collaboration blends hospitality with wine excellence, offering a dynamic synergy. While we regularly host members from renowned wineries such as Jordan, Merriam, and Wilson, this partnership stands out. Our guests will enjoy perks such

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April 2024 Newsletter

HOI in CA Living in California and struggling to find insurance has become an unsettling reality for many of us. With State Farm General Insurance announcing its decision not to renew policies for tens of thousands of property owners, including homeowners and commercial property owners, the options are fewer by the day. The reasons behind

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March 2024 Newsletter

BOOKING.COM’S AI TRIP PLANNER has introduced an AI Trip Planner, designed to streamline travel planning! Simply interact with their knowledgeable assistant to address all your travel needs, whether you’re seeking a serene beach retreat or a cozy family vacation spot. Accessible through the mobile app, this beta program provides comprehensive visual destination and

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February 2024 Newsletter 

WC LODGING AND REDFIN​ We are excited to share some fantastic news with you! Redfin has recently reached out to WC Lodging for a collaborative effort on their winter blog article, and we are thrilled to announce that the piece is now published. This incredible collaboration not only showcases our dedication to providing valuable insights

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January 2024 Newsletter 

Update to Vrbo’s annual subscription fee Starting on January 15, 2024, your annual subscription will be priced at $699 If you prefer to keep your listing live without a subscription, read more about their Pay Per Booking plan 2024 Booking Site Stats:AIRBNB: 549 46.88%VRBO: 344 29.38%WCLODING: 133 11.36%LODGIX: 78 6.66%MARRIOTT: 32 2.73%BOOKING.COM: 29 2.48%GOT2GO: 2

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December 2023 Newsletter 

DEFENSIBLE SPACE The primary threats to homes during a wildfire are embers and small flames. These airborne embers, which are burning wood and vegetation fragments, are the leading cause of home ignition during wildfires. They can travel long distances, causing spot fires and igniting homes and other objects. To protect homes, homeowners can prepare for

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November 2023 Newsletter

THE PERFECT WEEKEND IN GUERNEVILLE This quaint logging town, home to just under 5000 residents, manages to blend eccentricity and natural beauty seamlessly. Dubbed the jewel of “West County,” it boasts charming coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and art galleries that make it a destination in its own right. Whether you’re passing through or looking for

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October 2023 Newsletter 

VRBO Trends Report Specific events or occassions still driving bookings New York, Las Vegas and London still hold the top destination spots Most popular time to book: 0-60 days out North American Travelers continue to head to Asia and Europe VIEW THE FULL REPORT HERE EXISTING CLIENTS: Please compile your Lighting info & Grant Deed

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