August 2022 Newsletter


Forbes tells everyone to add SoCO to their Bucket List Travel

This article may be from 2021 but
Sonoma County has only gotten more
popular since then AND, really, when
do we ever see our little county
sandwiched between PORTO CERVO,
Forbes thinks we’re worth it!


¡Ciao Bruto!: “Hello Ugly”!

Have you ever tried to find wines from other regions while in town? It’s next to impossible…and for someone who has an affinity for French and Italian wines it can be frustrating.
ENTER ¡Ciao Bruto! The name itself an
appropriate ‘tribute to the unapologetic rusticity of the Italian wine’. Currently a retail space but
soon to be so much more! Check it out!


Napa Valley Santa Train

If Santa is already planning for
Christmas I guess we parents should
be too! The Santa Train is adorable
and also makes a great gift. After 2 yrs of Covid it will sell out, tix for non-Napa residents went on sale July 1



Airbnb Rankings: How do they work?

While Airbnb keeps their exact ratings method and algorithm under wraps, the good news is you can help WC Lodging boost your position. Having a generator accessible, taking care of deferred maintenance and having a portable crib & high chair on hand are just a few. Other top ways to improve your ranking:

    • Offer sought after amenities such as strong WiFi, Central A/C, a
      hot tub or make your home pet-friendly
    • Make your listing enticing with professional photos and a vivid description. Have edits to your current description? Send them our way!
    • Open more dates: the more availability you have the more your home appears in search results
    • 5 Star Reviews! We have been glowing in the reviews department recently! Visit your property listing and enjoy reading some of the amazing feedback!
    • Be Quick to Respond: We have a 99% response rate within 1 hour, we’re working on getting that up to 100%!
    • Amend your rental rates: We utilize Pricelabs which has been an amazing asset but manual changes are still imperative. If you have input on value placement let us know!

Via WC Lodging’s Airbnb Account Profile

“Great job WC! Your overall quality rating is up 3.5% compared to the
previous 30 days.

Great job WC! Your value rating is up 3.3% compared to the previous 30

Great job WC! Your communication rating is up 0.5% compared to the previous 30 days”

LAKE COUNTY: Toxic algae blooms on the rise

Nearly 70 California lakes, rivers and reservoirs, including several in the Bay Area, have issued “caution,” “warning” and “danger” advisories so far this year. At least three different sections of Clear Lake in Lake County have also reported dangerous levels of harmful algal blooms in 2022. The lake, which was once an amazing place to visit, has slowly
gained a reputation for its rotting algae. Yes, it’s been tough for the area but our rentals are still popular and economics says now may actually be the perfect time to buy!

Read full algal bloom article here
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